About Me

Hi, I’m Dan.

I am a certified sleep science coach, and I offer sleep coaching services to people who are trying to get their sleep back on track. This works out pretty well because I enjoy helping people and also really enjoy talking about sleep! =)

Professionally, I am a licensed clinical social worker and a trained behavioral sleep therapist utilizing the intervention called CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), which is considered the gold standard in treatment for insomnia. In my day job, I work as an insomnia therapist in a large healthcare/hospital network in Southern California, treating insomnia with behavioral therapy instead of with medication. Basically, I make people yawn in my office (unintentionally) and yawn at home at bedtime (intentionally). I mostly do individual therapy but also run groups and teach sleep workshops.

As a sleep coach, I wear a different hat than what I wear as a therapist. A sleep coach is like a personal trainer focused on getting your sleep back into shape—giving guidance, offering expertise, and providing accountability. I mention my professional role as an insomnia therapist mainly to highlight that my training and clinical experience in this field make me uniquely qualified as a sleep coach. Because sleep coaching (like health coaching more broadly) is not a licensed or regulated industry, not everyone who calls themselves a sleep coach has the necessary training or experience, and I would advise care in selecting a qualified sleep coach.

I started Sleep Good Night in 2017 because I wanted to reach people who were struggling with sleep and searching for a way to “train” it back. I wanted to bring sleep science rigor and clinically validated methodology to sleep coaching. Most of all, I wanted to do something about the huge gap between the number of people struggling with sleep and the access to qualified professionals who can help. A staggeringly large number of people (between 10-30% of the population, by some estimates) struggle with difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep on any given night, but not all have access to trained behavioral sleep therapists or board-certified sleep physicians, and certainly not all need that level of care. As a sleep coach, I get to bring my expertise to help those who are interested in a “sleep training” approach to fixing their sleep patterns.

When I’m not doing sleep therapy at work or doing sleep coaching at home or chatting about sleep with my friends or neighbors, you’ll usually find me enjoying the nice Southern California weather with my lovely family. If it’s evening time, then you’ll probably find me and my wife doing bedtime routines with our 4 young children (who are good sleepers now, but boy did we have to put some effort into sleep training, credit primarily to my wife).

Thanks for visiting Sleep Good Night, and I hope this site can be a helpful part of your journey toward better sleep.



  • Certification: Certified Sleep Science Coach (Spencer Institute)
  • Degree: Master’s degree in Social Work
  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Training: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia,
    Brief Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia,
    Continuing Education courses in Sleep Medicine