Sleep Coaching for Adults

If your goal is to get better sleep, and you’re looking for a bit of individualized consultation or “coaching” to reach this goal, I may be able to help! My approach to sleep coaching has always been to focus on empowering clients to reach their goals around better sleep by pointing them to what research and my clinical experiences have shown to be most effective. I am not a fan of simply creating more rules about sleep and bedtime for rules’ sake… In fact, I think the rules should be fewer and simpler, they should be aligned with the clients’ own sleep goals, and they should be integrally tied to the science behind how sleep works. I’m also a fan of experimenting with new behaviors and only sticking with the ones that actually work for you.

Benefits of sleep coaching

  • Educational. For those seeking sleep advice based on the evidence-based and gold-standard insomnia treatment, CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia).
  • Supplemental. For those following along to the content on this website and would like a more personal or individualized approach, or those who are engaged in self-guided insomnia treatment through a book or an online-based program who would like additional coaching.
  • Accountability. For those who have made a commitment to improving their sleep and would like some accountability from a sleep coach who is experienced in guiding people to better sleep.

Important: Engaging in sleep coaching is not the same as engaging in treatment or in a therapeutic relationship. If you are seeking diagnosis and/or formal treatment, you should be seeking help in a medical setting.

About me

I am a clinically-licensed mental health practitioner who is trained in CBT-I and treats clients/patients with insomnia in a medical setting. This site was created out of a desire to reach the millions of people suffering from long-standing sleep problems who may not necessarily need to (or be able to) meet with an insomnia specialist like me but instead be able to fix their problems on their own by just being pointed in the right direction. On the vast internets there exists plenty of sleep advice, but not all of high quality, and there also exists plenty of solid CBT-I research, but mostly aimed at researchers or clinicians and not at the average insomnia-sufferer. Hoping to bridge this gap, I created this site to provide high quality, evidence-based sleep advice for the average person. I sincerely hope that my mission shines through in all of my pages, and I hope that you find my content simple and practical. For those seeking sleep coaching services and who are the right fit, I would be happy to get to know you a little bit more and to offer a more personalized experience.

What to expect

Initial contact. When you contact me expressing interest in sleep coaching services, we will correspond via email to make sure that this would be appropriate and a good fit, and then schedule the first session. You will also be asked some questions about your sleep history to help guide the discussion and to maximize the consultation time.
Standalone sessions. All sessions are telephone-based, 30 minutes long, and offered as standalone sessions. Whether you need just a single session or several, my goal is to help you progress toward your sleep goals – not to upsell you into consultation packages or recurrent sessions you don’t need.
Pricing. The fee for a single session (30 minutes) is $55, but if you need multiple sessions, the rate is $40 per session. You decide how many sessions you need, not me. If you’re not satisfied with the sleep coaching, let me know within a reasonable timeframe and I will offer a partial or full refund. At this time I only accept Paypal for payment.


You made it to the bottom! Just so we’re on the same page , I’d like to make the following clear about my sleep coaching service:

  • I am offering adult sleep coaching – not sleep training for babies/infants.
  • Information on this website and consultation provided through sleep coaching are not intended to replace medical advice or treatment plan from a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Sleep coaching, like health coaching in general, is not a licensed or regulated service. In this capacity, I do not diagnose or treat any illnesses, and my role is not as a treatment provider or a therapist.
  • If your sleep problems are more severe than just difficulty falling/staying asleep, or if you have complicating factors such as breathing issues/snoring, mental health issues, or other medical problems, I cannot offer you sleep coaching and I highly advise you to seek help in a medical setting.
  • For more information, please visit the disclaimers page.

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